The Forking TRUTH is that Honest reviews get Filtered Out on a Popular Review Site.


The Forking Truth is that I happened to notice on a popular review site (that begins with a “Y”) that honest updates to reviews by this site’s advertisers get filtered out.

It is a fact that the last two reviews I tried to update by this particular site’s advertisers got filtered out. I was very surprised because I have a high activity writing reviews on this site. It’s also very hard to tell if your review got filtered out on this site because if you are signed in it appears that your review is still there. You actually have to do some fishing around by signing out and search the filtered reviews to find out if your review was filtered out.

It’s a fact that in both the reviews I tried to update that my more current experience wasn’t as great. This site will not let me tell the truth about my experience possibly because these businesses are both ADVERTISERS on this site.

The Forking Truth is that honest reviews get filtered out on a popular review site.

I randomly stumbled on to this when I was reviewing filtered out reviews. (These are two updated filtered out reviews)


I also tried to contact this review site on this matter on their website, on twitter and on Facebook and didn’t receive any reply. I found that it is impossible to communicate with this particular website.

I DO UNDERSTAND that any review site can remove what ever they want. It’s their website and they can do whatever they want.

On this particular review site they do note that they use automated software to determine the helpful reviews. They also note that they also determine what they want to post by the reviewers activity on this particular website AND they also note that Paid Advertisers get no special treatment.

My personal experience seems to have differed………..

Well any who…..

Here you go!

Now that was THE FORKING TRUTH……………..

The Forking Truth

2 thoughts on “The Forking TRUTH is that Honest reviews get Filtered Out on a Popular Review Site.

  1. Brian

    I really don’t know how no one’s really looked into Yelp. Friends have a restaurant that got great reviews. They were then contacted by Yelp to advertise with them. Ridiculous prices to advertise. They weren’t interested, and, in turn, they were hounded to death by Yelp for weeks, and were also told that their great reviews could disappear or move to the very bottom. Such hard-ball tactics…


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