Dining out with Dogs in Metro Phoenix AZ December 2017


#We are on our way to Carvalho’s Brazilian Kitchen in Scottsdale AZ”

Dining out with Dogs in Metro Phoenix is just a “Fluff” story about taking my dogs out to eat. These stories are not restaurant reviews. We usually go out to the same local casual places but once in a while we go out to another location. Many restaurants in Metro Phoenix have outdoor patios but not all patios are dog friendly. It’s always best to call a restaurant and ask if it’s ok to dine with your dog that day for several reasons. Sometimes restaurants suddenly stop accepting dogs. Other times the patio might be booked for a party. It’s also best to dine with your dog at off times to try to avoid other people and other dogs. Some people don’t feel the love you do for your dog and might complain. Some people are allergic to dogs and also complain. Sometimes when other dogs are on the patio all the dogs might start barking and you might be asked to leave so try to dine at off times. There are a few rules for dining out with dogs. Your dog(s) must stay by your side at all times. Dogs are NOT to sit on furniture or to eat off of restaurant plates. You also NEED TO BE AWARE that most food and drink you consume can be HARMFUL or TOXIC to your dog! You should consult your veterinarian for a list of safe foods and non-safe foods. A small amount of plain lean meat without sauce is usually a best bet for dogs.

We wanted to go a nicer place that’s dog friendly and were about to head out to Surprise AZ to Amuse Bouche but found out they changed their hours again and were closed today. We also found out that Rhythm and Wine in North Scottsdale changed their hours too and were also closed. So we went to Carvalho’s in North Scottsdale.

We went to the front patio that has a “PET FRIENDLY” sign on the gate. I’m sorry I couldn’t take a picture on how lovely the patio was. It’s very lush with flowers and flowing bushes that accent a small man made stream. They start us off with seasoned tasty plantain chips and a Big Bowl of Ice Water for my Dogs!

We decided to try the Bolinho De Bacalham – Salted Cod and Potato Croquettes

The server told us how to eat them. You cut the croquettes in half, then drizzle with olive oil and add a fresh squeeze of lime. The croquettes had a slightly stringy texture and were made with far less potato than I was expecting.

“The Croquettes have onions and garlic in them so we can’t eat them because that stuff is harmful and Toxic to us dogs.”

I went with a grilled chicken salad but they were 86th so I went with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

It was just a basic sandwich with fresh baguette and nicely seasoned chicken.

Both Dogs got to enjoy Chicken.

It seems that anything BEEF is the way to go at Carvalho’s. Here is the Beef Tenderloin Tip Sandwich. (sorry for the BAD picture…The sun was so bright I couldn’t see the screen)

The beef is flavorful, tender and buttery and is married with Grilled Red and Green Bell Peppers and covered in a blanket of cheese (he picked pepper jack).

Both dogs really REALLY enjoyed the beef.

“We did Forking Great at Carvalho’s!”


“We are on our way to Amuse Bouche in Surprise AZ”

Amuse Bouche is a very small bistro with patio. The owners are a married couple that met at and attended culinary school in France and are French Trained Chefs. Currently this restaurant is open for brunch and lunch (M-F). They currently run occasional cooking school classes and do some special event dinners. This restaurant is well known for serving a really great Quiche and amazing desserts. The dinners they used to serve here were among the best on the west side. I also liked that they were a B.Y.O.B. so I saved a good amount of money on my wine when I used to enjoy well crafted dinners here. I am saddened that Amuse Bouche is no longer a regular dinner option for me but I’m happy that they are still here.

Today I ordered the Kale & Quinoa Salad with added Chicken.

My salad came with a hot roll and butter. This time the seasonal fruit are strawberries. The salad also contains toasted almonds and creamy goat cheese. The chicken is moist and juicy. I have LOTS of chicken to share with the dogs.

The dogs are very happy with the chicken.

My Husband had the Cabernet Burger. He was really thrilled with this burger and thinks it’s the best burger you can get on the west side. This is one of the very few restaurant were you can actually get a Medium Rare Burger. The beef is also ground in house (seldom if at all found anywhere on west side) The rich roll is the correct size for the burger and had a bit of quality sea salt applied to the bun. The sandwich also contains a bacon jam, garlic aioli and really great fries that have a moist interior and a crisp exterior. My husband said that I should try a burger from here because he thinks these burgers are among the VERY best that you can get out….maybe I will try one of the  burgers next time……..

Sadly the dogs can’t eat any of the burger because of the wine added to the burger. (anything grape related is harmful to dogs)


“We’re on our way to Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery in PhoenixAZ”

Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery is a casual Pho Free Vietnamese Eatery. They specialize in the Banh Mi Sandwich.   We think the Banh Mi Sandwiches they serve here are the best we’ve tried anywhere. I am also a big fan of the Rice plate and the Vietnamese Chicken Curry from this eatery.

Today we both went with Banh Mi Sandwiches.

I went with the Chicken Banh Mi. The Baguette seems lighter than a regular baguette with a crunchy exterior and a moist interior made from wheat and rice flour. They brushed the roll with house made aioli. Inside is moist flavorful white meat chicken, sliced cucumbers, jalapeños, pickled radish and carrots and fresh cilantro. It is a delicious tasty sandwich and one of the best bargains around in this part of town. Only $6.00 and I usually make two meals out of it.

“I’m getting me some Banh Mi Today!”

“I’m also getting ME some Banh Mi today too!”

My husband got the pulled pork Banh Mi and the dogs enjoyed some pulled pork too!


“We are on our way to Leo’s Island BBQ in Peoria AZ”

Leo’s Island BBQ is among the few of the independently owned restaurants in the Arrowhead Mall area of Peoria. Leo’s Island BBQ specializes in the Hawaiian Plate Lunch. A Hawaiian Plate Lunch is a Big Styrofoam Container that’s filled with an enormous amount of meat, a double scoop of rice, heavy macaroni salad and some steamed vegetables. Leo’s Island BBQ offers about 30 choices of the Hawaiian Plate Lunch and most are priced at around $10.00.

My husband got the BBQ Chicken and Pulled Pork Combo.

I got the Maui Maui Grilled Fish with Brown Rice…..(they now offer egg fried rice as a choice…)

It’s a FORKING ENORMOUS Plate of food. My dogs helped me out with all that food and I took half home too.


That was Dining Out with Dogs in Metro Phoenix for December 2017.

Take Care, Happy New Year and we hope to see you next month.

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In Memory of Louie 5-5-2001 – 3-3-2017

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