WTFork is That?…………………(The Blue Foot Mushroom)


I came across these Blue Foot Mushrooms at Whole Foods. So I picked up a few because I never tried them before. I FORKING KNOW most people just brush them off but on these I used a very damp paper towel to clean them because I don’t like the taste of dirt.

This small amount of mushrooms coast about $6.00.

These mushrooms feel more dense than your average mushroom.

I thought I better read about them before I prepare them.

I read on that the Blue Foot Mushroom needs to be thoroughly cooked because it contains some of the same chemistry as from psychedelic mushrooms.

On they suggested slicing the mushroom in half or thirds and placing them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Then brush the mushrooms with oil and cover lightly with foil and place in a 425 oven for 20 minutes and turn over and maybe another 20 minutes.

I cut my mushrooms smaller because I wanted them in smaller pieces. So mine only needed 20 minutes.

The mushrooms came out crispy and soft at the same time. This is an excellent easy way to cook those tougher kind of mushrooms.

I taste a piece of mushroom.


They are very earthy but they lack that dirt taste.

They also taste very FLORAL with a bit of a nutty grain taste.

Blue Foot mushrooms are very unique and don’t taste like any other mushroom.

WTFork is That?

The Blue Foot Mushroom

Special Thanks to with your informative directions on how to cook the Blue Foot Mushroom.

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