A Little FORKING Story about the Christmas Candy Cane


A Forking long time back in a land far away it was said that children were given candy in church on Christmas to shut the FORK up. It has been written that a person in Germany decided to put a little bit of religion into these church given candy sticks so they shaped the candy like shepherd’s hook like from the dude in the Noel Scene.

As time passed someone got the idea that hyssop should be added to the candies. (in case you forgot……We are talking about the candies that were given to children in church…..so they would shut the FORK Up!)…..because hyssop was used in the old testament for purification and sacrifice. Perhaps nobody actually wanted child sacrifice on their hands…….or maybe…..the real Forking reason was that mint was cheaper and sort of tasted better than hyssop they began flavoring the candy canes with mint.

Some people believe the red stripes were added to symbolize Christ’s Blood……

If you have been shopping for Candy Canes you might have noticed that most Candy Canes these days aren’t actually flavored mint anymore.

I saw in Food Network Magazine that www.McPhees.com sells some FORKING STRANGE Candy Canes

Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes www.McPhees.com

Pickle Candy Canes www.McPhees.com

Gravy Candy Canes www.McPhees.com

Coal Candy Canes www.McPhees.com

Bacon Candy Canes www.McPhees.com

Doesn’t Forking matter what flavor the candy is. The Forking kid will shut the FORK Up with a Candy Cane!

Merry FORKING Christmas and Happy everything the Fork Else…also a Happy Forking New Year!

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