The Forking Truth is that You are Not Always going to Agree with Review Site Ratings



I thought I’d try this particular restaurant because of location and also because on a popular review site it has a 5 star average on 263 reviews. Wow that’s crazy!  I’m thinking the food must be very good. That’s a very high average for a restaurant that’s only been in business a few years. I also must note that this particular restaurant is very casual and specializes in serving Hot Dogs.

My husband orders a Cheesy Beer Chili Dog.

It’s an ok hot dog….I read that they do purchase the buns they use from a local baker. This hot dog was topped with a not so flavorful processed cheese sauce and what my husband thought was canned chili.  It’s ok at best but not 5 stars……. For me five stars has to be be a flavorful fresh made cheese sauce and delicious flavorful chili topping maybe even on a house made dog like a place in Cave Creek offers from time to time with only a 3.5 star average.

I will only eat certain brands of hot dogs because of the 2015 Clear Foods Report on Hot Dogs.

345 brands of hot dogs were tested. Only Butterball, McCormick, Eckrich and Hebrew National actually contain what they list. I will only eat those brands meat dogs.

This hot dog place doesn’t offer any of these brands so I go with an Italian Beef with a side order of cole slaw. I receive this.

Take a closer look.

The meat in the sandwich is tasty but It’s impossible to pick this sandwich up because the roll disintegrated from all the oil. This sandwich sure isn’t even close to 5 stars to me. This is about a one star to me because I would never order it again and certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I should be able to pick up the sandwich and dip it into the jus. That is why it’s essential that an Italian Beef Sandwich be made with Italian Bread. This sandwich has failed at being a sandwich.

Here’s a close up of my cole slaw. Looks like a big frog threw up on the cole slaw.

It really wasn’t bad cole slaw but it sure isn’t 5 stars either.

I just don’t know HOW the FORK can this place earn a 5 star rating?     The owners seem nice and I know they work very hard but…..many restaurant owners are nice and also work hard…….

I don’t know why most people feel this food is five stars to them….?

The Forking Truth is that You are NOT going to Agree with Review Site Ratings all the time.

The Forking Truth

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