My Trip to The Bluewater Grill in Phoenix AZ


The Bluewater Grill in Phoenix AZ is one of a Family of Seafood Restaurants located in Resort Communities usually by water. According to the Bluewater Grill Website they serve sustainable    caught Seafood and Harpooned Swordfish caught from their own Harpoon boats.

It looks like they might prepare crab boils on the patio at times?

Inside is a small fish market.

Inside doesn’t look like Phoenix at all…….It’s very Old Fashioned with worn looking floors so it gives the illusion that the restaurant has been here for many decades. The old fashioned looking chairs also sport a fun to “catch” fish motif.

Our server seemed very professional also welcoming and took our order.

Soon a very large loaf of bread and chilled butter arrives.

WOW…The bread is extra sour just like from San Francisco.

Next our meals arrive.

I tried the Canadian Walleye with Sautéed Spinach and Red Quinoa Salad. I give them credit for removing the skin…as most places don’t remove the skin on walleye…and credit for the nice lemon half……….But it seemed someone brand new to removing fish skin handled my fish and it came to me in several pieces. The fish tasted OK…..It wasn’t undercooked but maybe just a hair overcooked and just warm. The lemon caper sauce was a bit lip puckering…  The Spinach was really great. It seemed really fresh and was hot and tasted buttery. I really liked the spinach! The Red Quinoa Salad was different. It was made with almonds, a few things I blocked out that could have been either cabbage or maybe chard stems. I thought I pulled out a piece of a beet??? I also came across some bitter tasting black colored greens in it …………. This salad was very strange tasting to me.

Here’s a close up.

Well any who…..

My husband tried the San Francisco Cioppino.

The Blue Watergrill variation of Cioppino included very thick marinara sauce, clams, mussels, crab, shrimp, scallops, fish and seasoned toast. The server suggested getting the linguini for an additional charge. I was told the Shrimp in the dish were excellent, most was ok but the scallops  and clams were very over cooked.

1/2 a Fork….HIT and Miss

Everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ….

Slight update 1-2-18 I already was contacted by the manager of The Bluewater Grill. The manager thanked me for my review and said he will be seeing that Bluewater recipes are followed. He hopes that I return again.

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