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The Bourbon Cellar by day offers BIG (8 0z.) house ground burgers of many varieties. How about PRIME Filet, Bison, Elk, Venison, Cajun Turkey or Veggie on an Apple Cider Egg Bun and topped with a mouth watering Wasabi Deviled Egg THAT’S Embellished with a Bourbon Soaked Cherry!!!!!!! Bourbon Cellar also offers a few unique drool sounding Sandwiches like their version of a Philly Steak……It’s thinly sliced ribeye that’s soaked in Bourbon…sounds delish to me… By night this small restaurant is a Steak House that also offers a good selection of seafood…..

……..I only had one visit so far so I can’t vouch for much but I can tell you the in-house-ground PRIME Filet Burger was very moist and very flavorful. Sorry for my bad photo here….I couldn’t get any better at my seat.

I start with the Wasabi Deviled Egg. Ummmmmm Mighty Tasty, spicy and smooth with that little pop of the bourbon soaked cherry…(happy now). For me this is too big (8oz.) of a burger to eat in one sitting so I cut it in half. I discover that they somehow compacted a FULL Salad over my burger  explodes mixed greens. At the time I suddenly remembered my childhood neighbor’s kid’s toy. The one that looks like a can of peanuts that you open and a snake pops out. The greens flew out like that or really more like confetti but the snake in a can popped in my head when the lettuce flew everywhere.  I also added on the Bourbon Pickles and avocado.  Somehow I get it together so I can eat it.

It’s just Forking Delicious! Very Juicy and very flavorful. I like the Bourbon Pickles on the burger but these pickles are so different that I don’t care for them outside of the sandwich……but on the sandwich these pickles add something delicious that I like….. I don’t have any sauce on my sandwich and it still mighty flavorful and DOESN’T NEED ANY SAUCE!  My burger also came with a side. I picked the cole slaw….It was fresh and crispy and not drippy. Good cole slaw.

My husband also had the Filet Burger but his was topped with pepper jack cheese, sautéed onions and the Bourbon Pickles. He liked that his burger was also very flavorful and juicy but he was disappointed that they didn’t prepare his burger medium rare as he requested. Instead it came out medium/ well like mine.  I asked for medium so for me it was still great!

2 days latter I ate the other half. WOW it’s still Forking delicious, juicy and so flavorful. Today my only issue is I notice more that the pickles are so big…..for me it would be better if the pickles were cut thinner…and that roll is really yummy too. This burger had everything going on and Bourbon……so good! I do note – It’s not perfect because of the exploding lettuce and if you add the bourbon pickles because they are really big  and maybe they don’t know how to cook a burger less than medium well?????? I don’t know……But I also don’t care because… it’s so Forking Delicious I can still say it already that it might be one of the most delicious Sandwiches I ate in 2018.

In House Ground Prime Filet Burger on Apple Cider Egg Bun and Topped with Wasabi Deviled Eggs embellished with Bourbon Soaked Cherry!

That one dish is Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

The Forking Truth is that everything is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth


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