Doda’s Pizza Glendale AZ – Almost taste like East Coast Pizza – Worth a Fork!


Doda’s Pizza recently opened by the Petsmart on Bell Road in Glendale AZ. This is a small, very casual, family owned Pizza Restaurant.

The Spinach Pizza with Mozzarella, Ricotta and Sauce sounded interesting to us but you really need a plain slice to tell how the pizza is so we tried one plain slice.

and a Spinach Pizza.

I bite into the plain slice and WOW!….This is the first pizza I tried in over ten years that reminds me of east coast style pizza……It’s not oily like really good authentic New York Pizza but the Mozzarella Cheese has flavor to it like from the typical east coast pizza parlor. The sauce is a little thick like it should be with the correct amount of sweetness and the pizza taste seasoned like east coast pizzas. The dough is close to east coast style. It’s thin with a nice crisp bottom and it’s flavorful. The chew isn’t exact but it’s close. These pizzas actually taste like pizza. This pizza reminds me of pizza from a pizza shop that was walking distance from my childhood house. Actually most pizzas that I tried from east coast places had this kind of taste. All of the pizzas I found near me in my my little corner of Metro Phoenix don’t taste anything close to this. The spinach pizza was really a meal. It was made with fresh spinach, had delicious mozzarella cheese, that flavorful sauce on great crust. I do note the ricotta used on our spinach pizza sure WASN’T east coast ricotta but with all the good things going on do make up for the ricotta.

Doda’s Pizza offers many varieties, sizes of pizza and two thickness of crusts. They also offer sandwiches, calzones, pastas, lunch specials and more.

I don’t think you’d drive across town to come here but if you happen to be near here and are in the mood for casual east coast style pizza Doda’s might hit the spot!

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