Dash Mini Waffle Grill – Might be Worth a Fork?


I was at Sur La Table and they had this teeny tiny waffle maker called the Dash Grill. It makes four inch round waffles. I sort of thought about purchasing a real waffle maker but never did because I can’t stand the thought of a large appliance I’d rarely use. We very rarely ever eat waffles so I thought if this tiny $7.50 (normally $9.99) ¬†appliance works it would just right for me and my limited waffle needs.

I follow the recipe for classic waffles that are included with the owner’s manual.

The recipe is very easy to prepare but it doesn’t say how long to leave the batter in the waffle iron or how many waffles it makes……So I flat out guess to leave the batter in for three minutes.

WOW my waffle came out perfect! and BTW it’s a very good recipe that I don’t have to change. The waffles are very light and fluffy and taste great!

The recipe makes 7 waffles.

Of course this mini waffle iron isn’t for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend for families that want to eat together. At three minutes a waffle it might take a very long time to feed a family.

There are pros and cons to the Mini Dash Grill


Cost $10.00 or less.

Doesn’t take up much space as it’s only as big as a fast food burger.

Comes with recipes.


Takes 3 minutes to make each four inch waffle.

You have to guess when your waffle is done.

It will take you forever to feed a family with this tiny waffle iron.

The Dash Mini Waffle Iron is very difficult to clean. While it does have a non stick surface that you are only suppose to wipe out it’s next to impossible to get in all the tiny nooks. I kept cleaning it and it still wasn’t clean…took me 4 times till I thought it was clean. Maybe I’ll try with a Q-Tip next time if………. it still works.

Hope I get to make a few new creations with My Dash Mini Waffle Iron! I’m really excited to make a waffle falafel or quick waffle bread sandwiches.

The Dash Mini Waffle Grill – Might be worth a Fork?….(That depends on how many uses I get out of it.)

I note that your experience may or may not differ….

The Forking Truth

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