My trip to The Cabin Whiskey & Grill in Peoria AZ


The Cabin Whiskey & Grill is located in Peoria AZ a little past P83 Sports Complex and before WestGate Complex. It also is among a few places for your last stop for food if you want to eat before you go to the World Wildlife Zoo. The Cabin offers a variety of mostly American Foods with some international twists at reasonable pricing. The atmosphere is rustic with many trophies (dead animals). It’s worn looking and woody like a cabin…..either at a ski resort or the woods…’s also loud with what some people would consider party music and there is a very large bar and an outdoor patio. It doesn’t feel like Phoenix here at all……I see Deers, Antlers and Bears Oh My!……and a metal pig butt.


We start with by sharing the Fried Mac ‘N” Cheese Balls served with House Made BBQ Ranch Dressing.

These Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese Balls do seem oil free and have a nice thin crisp crust and are filled with creamy macaroni and cheese. Texture wise these are the best Fried Macaroni and Cheese I ever tried anywhere but I do need to note that they also were very bland…….I never add salt to food in a restaurant…..Usually I find the food too salty for me often and my husband complains that I am too sensitive but I found myself adding salt to these balls so they were really under seasoned. ¬†With only a minimal amount of parmesan and or ¬†seasoning these balls could have been ¬†amazeballs! ……Maybe it’s just a slightly off batch? ….The house made BBQ ranch sauce is very flavorful for me the sauce is too strong for the balls but it taste good.

I ordered the Korean Street Tacos. They are described as Corn Tortillas stuffed with pan seared marinated flat iron steak, ginger-lime slaw with cucumbers and cilantro.

These are Street Sized Tacos on a single shelled warmed up Corn Tortillas. I take a bite. The meat is very tender and very good but lacks Korean Flavors (soy, vinegar, ginger, sesame oil, hot pepper). The slaw is fresh and very lime-ee and lacks cilantro. I use some hot chile helps but it also wets the thin single layer shell and the shell then disintegrates………..any who

My husband tries the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

It’s Cute how they branded the soft bun with a ‘C” for Cabin!

The Chicken is VERY lightly breaded. It juicy and doesn’t even seem fried. The Buffalo Sauce it was tossed in has a nice tang and a nice kick to it…………the fries are coated and were seasoned nicely and arrived hot. Good sandwich!

Service was average.

That was my trip to The Cabin Whiskey and Grill in Peoria AZ.

I note EVERY FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may not differ.

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