Helio Basin Brewing Phoenix AZ is Worth A Fork


Helio Basin Brewing  is located in Phoenix not too far from the Phoenix airport and the Phoenix Zoo. They specialize in serving 6 varieties of handcrafted beers and elevated Arizonian Influenced bar food. They are very well received by magazine articles as being a top brewery in the county and the chef has created award wining food at various food events.

We enter…to my surprise it doesn’t smell like beer when I walked in and looks like a typical brewery.

I see many kegs and brewing and a Fermentation Cellar with great big giant vats.

The wall behind me are garage doors that someone just opened.

The menus are an interesting read and there are many detailed creations I never saw anywhere else before…..There are also some unusual game meat offerings like wild boar, elk and rabbit sausage…….

The Trout Tacos are calling my name so that’s what I ordered.

I received three street sized tacos on house made spent grain (by-product from beer making) tortillas. The tacos are filled with smoked rainbow trout, deviled egg mousse, pickled fresno peppers, capers and pretty frilly little greens. I take a bite. The tacos have a nice texture and nutty flavor. I like the tortillas very much! The smoked trout is firm textured, rich and it indeed is SMOKEY. The pickled fresno peppers are punchy and are an excellent pairing with the trout. They go very well together. To be Forking honest (like I always am) I can’t taste the deviled egg mousse over the smoked trout and fresnos because my mouth is still smoking…the eggs are just something creamy that’s in there. The pickled vegetables on the side were also very good….softer than I was expecting and very acidic but not harsh, very good…..different!

My husband said the Sonoran Sausage was EXCELLENT!

There’s a lot going on here. Listen again……..There’s a LOT going on here……….This sandwich is painstakingly detailed………Spicy house made brat, smoked bacon, duck-fat beans, stewed nopales (cactus), pickled fresnos and onions, piccolo de gallo, ancient mustard (not sure but I think it’s an almond, pine nut, dark seed mustard) jalapeño pesto, cotija cheese, crema on bolillo bun.

Helio Basin Brewing – Craft Beer and Chef Crafted  Arizonian Influenced Fine Bar Food.

I’d say that’s Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!


Every FORKING THING is subject to change and YOUR experience MAY or May NOT differ.

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  1. David Bickford

    Helio Basin is also one of the few breweries to offer a kids menu, and it’s a more original one than you’ll see at most restaurants. Instead of the usual chicken tenders, there are simplified, smaller versions of some of the more adventurous dishes on the adult menu.


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