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Tacolandia Phoenix 2018 was a Phoenix New Times Event held January 27th at Margaret T Hance Park in Phoenix AZ. This event benefited Los Diablos. Only $20.00 got you FREE parking, Admission and all THE FORKING TACOS you can eat!

We started off really well. Tacos Tequila Whiskey offered two kinds of detailed delicious tacos.

I tried the Hongos Taco on the left. It was a fancy mixed mushroom taco with gridded cheese, corn and ancho chili sauce. It was surprisingly satisfying. It seemed meaty but with good flavors that were balanced.  On the right was the El Pulpo Taco that was octopus, chicharrones, vegetables and a spicy salsa.

Freebies- besides a variety of tacos Del-Real Brand was giving out a variety of merchandise.

The first hour was no wait at all for food.

Among the better tacos I tried (I note I skipped over many….) was the Helio Basin Brewing’s untraditional Coffee Stout Braised Beef, papaya salsa, pomegranate, pipian Taco. This taco was very developed with lots of stout flavor in the beef on a very unique but delicious spent grain crisp tortilla. I liked the pop of the crunchy but also refreshing pomegranate in it. This taco was NOTHING like the taco I recently had at the restaurant. This one was large and full of lots of meat..to me it didn’t seem like from the same place at all mostly because of the meat to vegetable ratio. This taco was a very different style. The fish taco I had at the restaurant was very delicate but also with bold flavor.  This beef taco was hearty but both were very good with full flavors and very different.

Still no lines.

My husband ate more tacos than me…He said the Los Sombreros was good. I know they are under a new ownership since I ate there.

The next most notable taco I tried came from Presido Cocina Mexican.

I got to try the Chicken Taco on some sort…..I forgot but a special type of…house made tortilla that was extra delicious. the taco was very full of traditional flavors with a nice variety of textures. Maybe the best I tried…..I kept thinking to myself….now this is what a taco should taste like…..My husband finished up the beef one before I could try it but he said it was very good….

By this time we were here over an hour. By this time it’s getting very crowded and hot even though it’s only a little over 70 degrees F. By now there are long lines for tacos and beverages.

The Health Inspector showed up here. I noticed an empty tent….I don’t know if that was due to the health inspector. But I used it for shade for a little bit.

Here is the Puffy Taco from the Puffy Taco Shack. They made a small sample sized taco. It’s only maybe an inch an a half- two inches long (around matchbox sized). It had a unique puffy taco shell.

I didn’t try Willies Taco Joint but my husband said it was good.  Look at the green tortilla…a green chili -corn tortilla topped with green chili pork…….You can’t tell by my photos but the Willies Taco was a full size taco…….one of the largest or maybe the largest most filled taco I came across.

By now I’m feeling the effects from the strong sun, being slightly dehydrated and having a full stomach.

There’s a bunch more to try. There’s more freebies to get. There’s live music. There’s voting for my favorite and there’s more tacos!

My husband and I split-up here and he waits for water in a line and I wait for the last taco that I’m going to try……The sun is strong and I’m really Forking Thisty…….It’s a half hour wait for either a taco or water.

My last taco I tried was the Cash Taco by Rock A Belly Food Truck who has been on Food Network TV Show Eat Street. It was also a bigger taco (not street sized) but it also was among the better tacos. It different and delicious. It was made of sermato poached chicken, cabbage and chipotle aioli and cilantro cream. It was kind of a joy getting this last taco. The Food Truck guy had a really great personality. No wonder why he made TV….He was so friendly and energetic and shouting out to everyone about how great his tacos were.

There’s a whole bunch more at Tacolandia but I can’t do it…..

I think I got more than my $20.00 worth. Didn’t even think about having dinner.

That was Taco about Tacolandia Phoenix 2018


Worth a Fork!

THE FORKING TRUTH is that every FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ.

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