My Forking Thoughts on Black Truffle & Olive Oil Private Selection Kettle Chips


I noticed these Black Truffle & Olive Oil Flavored Kettle Chips at Frys Supermarket.

The Ingredients read that they contain natural flavorings and do actually contain dried Black Truffles. Looks like mostly good ingredients…I think I’ll give them a try.

Open up the bag.

Dang! It looks like someone was already eating the chips! How deep is this?

Hard to hold my paper Ikea Ruler down but it’s around 8 inches empty.

I go to take in the aroma.

It’s a kind of fried kind of smell.

I dump out some chips.

The chips come in an assortment of sizes. Many chips are folded and most of the chips are very tiny so tiny potatoes were used.

I look closer at the chips and see a few specs of something on them.

In one goes…..

There is a lot of a fine salt on them and they have a sour milk kind of taste. The chip feels powdery in my mouth. These chips however are very crispy.

I eat one at a more normal speed now. Yuk! they seem more salty and more maybe buttermilk-ee and even more crunchy. They have some potato flavor but not a whole lot.

I don’t get any Black Truffle or Olive Oil….maybe there is a small amount in there but it’s over powered by the sour milk powdery taste.

I go for a third one……

The third one sort builds and sort of taste like ranch dressing to me…….with a black pepper finish….

Sorry I bought these chips.


My bag of chips lacks the black truffle and Olive Oil Flavor and taste more like Crunchy Sour Ranch Dressing.

Maybe my bag was mislabeled?

Your experience may or may not differ.

The Forking Truth

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