The Rogue Tomato in Glendale AZ is Worth a Fork!


The Rogue Tomato is located in Glendale AZ off of 59th avenue (the restaurant row of north Glendale). This is a unique restaurant that serves casual global Arizonian style food. They offer appetizers, house made soups, flat breads, small salads, tacos, burgers, an assortment of entrees and weekend brunch.

The dining room is sort of industrial, modern and a lot of blackboards with cute sayings.

They offer comfortable booths, tables, high tops, bar seating and an outdoor patio.

This restaurant opened about two years ago with two chefs. Things have changed and one chef remains. The menu has been tweaked some and they offer a weekend brunch. I’ve been to The Rogue Tomato several times before and really didn’t have anything notable to say until now. To me is seems The Rogue Tomato has finally found their stride.

For dinner I tried the Roasted Pecan Smoked Chicken.

The chicken was very juicy and tender and was smoky from pecan wood. It rested over nicely grilled asparagus that were tender crisp and a bed of roasted poblano peppers, sweet yams and orzo that was delicious. The plate was topped with carefully spicy onion strings. This was a delicious plate!

My husband got the Rogue Stuffed Poblano Pepper.

The pepper had this shattering crisp batter and was stuffed with beef tenderloin tips, charred onions, roasted red peppers, corn, cotija cheese and toasted pine nuts that rest in a delicious yellow pepper crema.

Wow! Dinner was great!

Dinner tonight was leaps and bounds better than my previous visits.

I was so happy I almost cried…..

The Rogue Tomato seems to be Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork!

Every FORKING THING is subject to change and your experience may or may NOT differ.

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