Forking Weird Food out There!

I thought all the Pumpkin Flavored Foods I saw at Sprouts Farmers Market Grocery Store were pretty forking weird.


But over the past few weeks I’ve seen a bunch of other forking weird food and drink.

All American Cheeseburger Lay’s Stax Chips. I guess they are some sort of artificially formed potato chip with artificial flavors. Would you like to order a forking Cheeseburger with that? I don’t think these chips are something most people would relish.


Cow Fat Twinkies are now officially a SCREAM Flavor. I scream, you scream, we can all scream when we see these forking Twinkies.



Instant Hummus! Not a bad idea since sometimes you only need a spoonful. Still weird and unexpected.


BTW see the no sampling above?

Who the FORK is going to sample DRY HUMMUS MIX? I could understand some candy or some nuts but I can’t forking understand dry hummus sampling.



The above wine with an Alien on the label looks kind of cute I admit. The $2.99 price tag makes me forking certain it doesn’t taste like from out of this world. But I imagine I might forking pass out from the taste and see stars.

Maybe the Alien Wine pairs well with Buffalo Wings with Ranch Stax Chips?


Or maybe Wines For Dummies is the forking Smart Choice?


I forking wonder if these weird foods and drink are better choices for consumption than this one buffet that’s forking often featured on “Dirty Dinning.




Forking Truth

Forking Truth