The Apple Banana


At my local Sprouts Grocery Store I saw Apple Bananas also called Latundan Bananas and Manzana Bananas.



I thought I had to try them since trying the Burro Banana that was so interesting and different.

When I got home I tried one and didn’t taste much of a difference between an Apple Banana and a regular banana. So in the morning I had one at breakfast and I did taste that Apple Taste to it.  I don’t know if one day of ripening made a difference or if my taste buds were just working better I don’t know. The finger length bananas peal like a normal banana. The Texture is also similar and I didn’t get that mild itch that I occasionally get from bananas. But this banana has that slightly acidic apple snap to it today. All bananas vary in sweetness so I don’t know if they are normally sweeter or not.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth