The Saddest Forking Thanksgiving Ever


The Thanksgiving Feast in a Bag Potato Chips by Boulder. A full Thanksgiving Flavored Dinner of Potato Chips.

Turkey and Gravy Flavored Chips.


I found these inedible. These were the forking worst of the bunch for me. There is a nasty powder on them.I can’t stomach them. It was sawdust and chemicals to me.  My companion said they taste like cheap turkey gravy.

The Stuffing Flavored Chips.


They taste like thyme and little bit of poultry seaoning with a little bit of something bitter.

The Pumpkin Pie Potato Chips.


Something is missing. I get cinnamon,  nutmeg, a tiny bit of sweetness,  and something like a buttered potato.

Cranberry Sauce Potato Chips


These Chips have a Slight red tint added. They have a little tartness and a little sweetness to them with a potato taste. They taste almost like children’s strawberry breakfast flavored cereal but with potatoes.

Maybe Sherif Joe had these chips made for the prisoners in his jail for their Thanksgiving Meal? Because these would make the Forking Saddest Thanksgiving ever.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth