More Dining With Dogs

AJ's Patio Arrowhead Glendale AZ

AJ’s Patio Arrowhead Glendale AZ

My dogs are just so forking STINKING Cute! I just had to add these pictures to my blog. If you don’t like dogs just FORKING SKIP this post.

Not all……. but many of the patios around the Metro Phoenix Area are forking dog friendly.


So we take them out as much as possible. They enjoy the ride and they usually enjoy the food.

Nova Lox Bagel from JJ's Delicatessen Scottsdale AZ

Nova Lox Bagel from JJ’s Delicatessen Scottsdale AZ

The food isn’t always dog friendly. (sometimes it’s not forking people friendly) (I note you need to check the list of foods your dog can’t eat from your Veterinarian and or on the ASPCA website or other websites)

Cucina Taglianti Glendale AZ

Cucina Taglianti Glendale AZ

Both dogs enjoy Italian Food.

And other food too.

AJ's Glendale AZ

AJ’s Glendale AZ

Even when it isn’t food they like both dogs still enjoy dining out.




They are both….


Very well behaved.

We always get BIG Smiles when we forking take them out!


Forking Truth

Forking Truth