Barbecue is all Forking Different

Brisket from Little Miss BBQ Phoenix AZ

Brisket from Little Miss BBQ Phoenix AZ

I’ve had BBQ from several BBQ Places in the Metro Phoenix Area over the past few years and some forking differ so much from the others I wonder what the Fork BBQ really is.

Smoky, Fatty, Dry, Saucy, Sweet, Tangy, Crispy, Wet, & etc.

The definition of BBQ according to Merriam Webster is… “To Roast or Broil on a rack or Revolving Spit over or before a source of heat”.

Then I wanted a more specific definition and it got forking confusing.

Kansas City Style BBQ-Slow Cooked Meat smoked over a variety of woods and then covered in Thick Tomato and Molasses Sauce.

North Carolina Style- (Lexington) Vinegar based red sauce seasoned with ketchup usually pork based BBQs.

North Carolina Eastern Style-Is Whole Hog BBQ with vinegar and pepper sauce (no tomato)


Savannah River-peppery tomato or ketchup

Central- The Yellow Carolina Gold Sauce (yellow mustard, vinegar, brown sugar, spice)

Pee Dee- Whole Hog BBQ, spicy watery pepper sauce

Memphis Style- BBQ Ribs “WET” and “Dry” Wet Ribs are brushed with sauce. Dry Ribs are seasoned with Dry Rub. Memphis is big on BBQ Sandwiches too.

Texas Style- Some Texas BBQ may have German and Czech influences.

(cowboy style)-Goat or Mutton directly cooked over Mesquite.

South Texas- Cow Head cooked under ground

Alabama- Mayonnaise and Vinegar White Sauce BBQ used as a marinade and dressing. Alabama BBQ is usually Chicken.

Then I read about more endless styles

California Style, California Santa Maria Style, Hawaii Style, Kentucky Style, Oklahoma Style, Virginia Style, and the different Asian Styles, Chinese BBQ, Thai BBQ, Japanese BBQ, and Korean BBQ.

Barbecue is all Forking Different!

Thee Pitts Again Glendale AZ

Thee Pitts Again Glendale AZ

Leo's Island BBQ (Hawaiian)

Leo’s Island BBQ (Hawaiian) Peoria AZ

Bobby Q's Phoenix AZ

Bobby Q’s Phoenix AZ

Tom's Thumb Fresh Market Scottsdale AZ

Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market Scottsdale AZ

Pork on a Fork BBQ Grill Phoenix AZ

Pork on a Fork BBQ Grill Phoenix AZ

Forking Truth

Forking Truth