Dining Out with the Dogs at Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ


We headed out to Cucina Tagliani in Glendale AZ because the weather was Forking perfect for patio dining, the location, and the dog gone reasonable prices.


The service is always warm and friendly. The patio is spacious and dogs get a pan of water.


We started with Big Glasses of Happy Hour Malbec and Happy or forking YAPPY Hour Steak Sliders to share with the dogs.



The Dogs were very FORKING interested in the Steak Sliders.


My human companion was very upset about some sort of garlic mayo spread on the sandwiches but managed to eat around it. The meat in the sliders was a little tough but sort of tasty and were almost fast food priced and better than fast food for the $6.00 for three generously sized sliders.

Soon our forking dinners arrive!


I receive my GRILLED Chicken Parmesan over Spaghetti Squash.


I like to slide the forking cheese off and put in on a slice of the garlic bread.

The chicken underneath was cooked better than they normally do chicken. It was juicy this time but almost forking tasteless and bland. My human companion agreed with me that it was tasteless. But the sauce was fresh and very rich with a single note tomato taste that was OK and good on the spaghetti squash.


Both dogs enjoyed the grilled chicken parmesan and the spaghetti squash.


My Human Companion had the Tortellini in a meat sauce with Hot Sausage. It came out with two forking big links of hot sausage.


He said the Tortellini in Meat Sauce with Hot Sausage was much better than my grilled Chicken Parmesan.


Both dogs were waiting for some more food.


I heard that the Hot sausage was really good.



We had a good time and ate a bunch of forking food. We all now need naps.



Forking Truth

Forking Truth