CASTOREUM (it could be in your food) #Foodie



Castoreum comes from the Beaver’s Castor Sac ( that’s the scent gland). The castor sac fluid is mixed with urine and the castor sac is located under the beaver’s tail by it’s anus. (Forking Yuk!)

Castoreum is considered a “Natural Flavoring” and is listed on food labels that way. (“Natural Forking Beaver Butt area Juice”)

Castoreum is used mostly in Vanilla, Strawberry and Raspberry processed foods. (Non vegetarian Forking Beaver Butt area fluids)

Vegetarian and Vegan foods don’t have Castoreum in them.

Foods marked K do not have Castoreum in them since Beavers and anything from a Beaver can never be Kosher.

Scandinavian Schnapps is traditionally made with Castoreum.

Jamie Oliver made a point about letting the world know about Castoreum and was  talking about Castoreum on a past David Letterman Show. (easy to find on Web) (very funny you need to Forking watch it)

Not a lot but 300 pounds of Castoreum is consumed annually. (Forking Gross)

The Huffington Post reported that Cadbury Cream Eggs have a slight amount of Castoreum  in them.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

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