WTFork Getting a $16. Burger is Like

South Western Burger from Relish Burger Bistro at the Phoenician Scottsdale AZ

South Western Burger from Relish Burger Bistro at the Phoenician Scottsdale AZ

I don’t go out for burgers often but when I get one I always hope it will be cooked the way I want it, (medium) the burger must be juicy and have a great flavor. $16. is forking expensive for a burger but this burger is 100% natural Kobe Style meat and does come with bells and whistles that sets it above others.  Also these burgers come from the beautiful  Phoenician Resort in the Relish Burger Bistro so you know it ain’t going to be forking cheap.

The Parking is easy you enter the lush grounds and are stopped by a guard that directs you on where to go. Relish Burger Bistro has convenient parking by the Golf House. You enter and an elevator transports you to an array of burgers, a very large tequila selection, boozy milk shakes, house made sodas and more.

Once seated you might have views of the golf course or be by a large screen TV or a toasty fireplace. The decor is a classic masculine style.

The first thing I noticed once seated was that all the mustards and ketchups were on the tables. All of the ketchups and mustards looked very used. I wasn’t forking going to use them.


So many burgers…..What to pick?

I was tempted by many but went a basic for my first time here and choose the classic knife and fork style. The classic should be 8 oz. of grilled Kobe, lettuce, tomato and onion. The knife and fork style comes with signature salad (that’s not described on the menu anywhere) sweet potato fries and two toppings to add on.  I picked onion rings and queso fundido to dip them in for fun.

Someone runs out our burgers to us with the waitress right behind. The waitress ask us if we need anything and tells us to enjoy our meal.

The Classic Knife and Fork Style from Relish Burger Bistro at the Phoenician Scottsdale AZ

The Classic Knife and Fork Style from Relish Burger Bistro at the Phoenician Scottsdale AZ

The burger came out a little more squashed looking than I was expecting I immediately saw off close to half (for my dogs) because 8oz of meat is way too much for lunch. I notice the burger is juicy but cooked past medium and is medium well. I’m slightly disappointed but accept medium well as forking ok. The burger has a tasty seasoned crust and the meat is full flavored and juicy. The salad underneath is very spicy from pickled peppers but tasty. Onion rings are kind of a treat with the cheese dipping sauce. The sweet potato fries seem a little overdone and don’t have much flavor but were presented in a forking cute fry basket.

My husband’s burger requested medium rare also came out medium well.


He wasn’t too happy about that but said his burger was really delicious and would certainly forking order the same one again. His south western burger was topped with chili verde, pork rinds, habanero jack cheese and grilled jalapeño slaw (that he got on the side), house made tator tots. The eggy bun was also made in house.

We keep eating and he wanted to show the waitress that the burger was cooked more than medium rare.

When he got to the half way point I turned around and made eye contact with the waitress who was forking watching TV in the bar. She then runs over and agrees the burger is cooked well past medium rare. She offers to have the kitchen make a new burger but at this point half the burger was finished and my husband didn’t want another burger. They did take one burger off our bill.

In the end the burgers were delicious even though they were overcooked, service was very average. Maybe it isn’t typical of this restaurant to over cook burgers and maybe service might be different depending on your visit.

I don’t go for $16 burgers often but I do have a Scottsdale Preferred card so you bet I’m going back for that kind of $8.00 burger even if it’s overcooked. This is forking what getting $16. burgers are like.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth