Couscous Express Morocco Restaurant Phoenix AZ….is worth a Fork Now CLOSED for Business

Behind the rough exterior of a small harshly painted building lives the warm culinary delights of Morocco. As you enter you will notice tapestries, Moroccan Goods different potions, hookahs, Fez Caps and lots of Dates.

Once seated we sipped on Date Shakes laced with spice and hot Moroccan Tea with lots of fresh mint.


We didn’t really know what the fork we wanted and the friendly owner tells us he will just bring us out food to try.


He starts us off with house cured lemon olives, fresh baked bread and Moroccan Carrots.


The owner called this soup he brought out “goat bone soup”.


It was a soup with noodles, thickened garbanzo beans in a goat base.

Next we get a BIG




followed by big bowls of slow cooked braised lamb, slow cooked braised beef ribs studded with garbanzo beans,


and braised potatoes.

Slow Cooked Braised Chicken with MORE couscous and assorted vegetables.


The chicken like all the other meats served was so tender it was falling off the bone. All the meats were developed with flavors but the chicken stood out the most to us on our visit.

Many plates back I told the owner I was full and could not forking eat anymore but he kept bring out plates anyway.

Next comes out Chicken Bastilla.


It’s the flavorful braised chicken baked in puff pastry topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. It’s a little odd to me but is more savory than sweet. I do like the textures to it.

And a Plate of Moroccan Desserts.


It all was Forking Good. Pricing was very low and portions were forking big!

Couscous Express Morocco Restaurant is destination dining in Phoenix.

update 5-27-17 Now Closed for Business

Worth a Fork. I'd drive up to 45 minutes to eat here.

Worth a Fork.

Forking Good

Forking Truth

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