Henry’s Private Kitchen Mesa Arizona (Taiwanese Cuisine) Closed NOW Re-Opened

Have you ever eaten Luffa?



Like as in luffa sponge?  Well I have!

Luffa is light and delicious and is really a squash that’s kind of light with almost a cucumber taste but more substantial than a cucumber.  This luffa was in a silky chicken based sauce.

I also tried the classic Taiwanese Dish called Three Cup Chicken.


The Three Cup Chicken was moist and very flavorful but full of many tiny bones and was hard to eat not because of taste but because of all the very tiny bones broken all threw it. The recipe is based on One Cup Sugar, One Cup Soy Sauce, and One Cup Vinegar along with garlic, ginger and Thai Basil.

I liked Henry’s Kitchen but not as much as possible because of all the tiny broken bones in the chicken and also their 200 item menu is written in Chinese and I had to order off the American Menu of 38 items. Hopefully soon they will offer the 200 item menu translated!

Henry’s Private Kitchen is Destination Dining. You go here if your looking for Taiwanese.

As of 5-24-14 Co-Owner Henry Left Henry’s Private Kitchen. Future is uncertain. Sadly Henry’s Private Kitchen only opened for two month’s has closed.

7-2-14 Henry’s Private Kitchen has Re-Opened without Henry and has opened with a new menu. The name of the restaurant is expected to change.

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