EZ Baked Risotto Balls from your leftover Risotto Recipe



Risotto doesn’t reheat well so with your leftover risotto you should make risotto balls. You can keep them in your freezer and pull out to use anytime. You can use my mushroom risotto recipe that I posted February 4th made with black trumpet mushrooms or you can use any other risotto recipe. These are FORKING delicious as an appetizer, snack or side dish and hold up very well in the freezer. They should be served with a small side of marina sauce for dipping.


Basically you need your leftover risotto, a small scoop or spoon, some panko that you should season with at least salt and pepper and flavors that match your risotto. Your risotto ball should be stuffed with either cheese, meat & cheese or peas and cheese. I just stuffed mine with small cubes of fontina cheese and it went perfect with the flavors of the mushroom risotto I made.


Set your oven at 400 bake. Scoop out some risotto and insert a small cube of cheese.


Cover up the cheese and roll the ball in your seasoned panko.


Place your risotto balls on slightly oiled pans.

Bake at 400 degrees for 10-13 minutes just to add a little color and crispness.


They are HOT so let them cool a little. Serve what you want and when completely cool you can freeze them and use when you want.




Forking Good!

Forking Good!

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