Mandarin Orange Salsa Recipe

I purchased these delightful looking Mandarin Oranges from Sprouts. To my surprise they tasted too tart for me to eat.


I didn’t want to throw them out or make a dessert out of them so I made them into salsa.

Salsa is very easy to make. All I added to the Mandarin Segments were…….

Sweet Onion Chopped

JalapeƱo Chopped

Fresh Cilantro Chopped

Garlic Chopped

Some Apple Cider Vinegar

Some Sea Salt fresh Crushed

Some Black Pepper Fresh Grind

Then I just used my Hand Blender and made salsa.

Now it’s Tasty on Grilled or Pan Seared Meats or Seafood.

Mandarin Orange Salsa

Mandarin Orange Salsa

Forking Good!

Forking Good!

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