I Have Some Reservations About Truffle Oil

1/4 lb of Frozen Truffles

1/4 lb of Frozen Truffles

If a quarter pound of good FROZEN  (not fresh BUT FROZEN) truffles coast a FORKING $500.00 do you really think your $20.00 bottle of truffle oil is any FORKING good? Do you think it’s really made of Forking truffles?

Most Truffle Oils are not actually made from truffles and are Forking SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS that are also called Aroma because they are similar to  FORKING perfume.

You can find oils and salts that have a trace amounts of truffle in them.


But they don’t compare to real Truffle. They are only just a slight hint of truffle.



Truffle oil (if it’s a really FORKING good (($$$$)) one goes well with potatoes(Fries), Eggs, Rice, Popcorn, Bread and Pasta.

But it can never be what real Truffles are.

Often if you get a real truffle it would be either old and dry or a variety that isn’t  desirable like from China or the U.S.A. Truffle. Desirable kinds are like Australian, French or Italian. Expect to pay $20-$75 additional charge to your meal for real FORKING truffle to be shaved on.

I’m not totally against my Trace amount Truffle Salt and Trace amount Truffle Oil after all they make my Fresh just Popped Popcorn taste slightly special.


Fresh 2 min. no chemicals Popped Pop Corn


One Brown Lunch Bag

1/4 C. Pop Corn (hint the big kernels taste and pop better)

Place Brown Bag with your 1/4 C. pop corn kernels with top rolled close. Place in microwave and let it go for up to two minutes. Add whatever spice seasoning you like and spring for butter if you care to.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

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