Special “K” isn’t really so Special anymore because there is more than One


Special K Cereal used to be special because it use to be just one variety of cereal that was plain. It was almost like rice krispies for adults. Special “K” seemed like an adult cereal. It wasn’t too sweet and the commercials made it sound healthy. They were known for something about if you ate it for a week or so with the Special “K” plan that you’d lose weight.

These days you have many varieties of special K to choose. Maybe you need to get more protein in your diet? I wonder what kind of protein is in your box? Could it be kidneys or forking liver from an unidentified animal? (seriously vitamin B2 riboflavin is Kidneys and or Liver that might be an unidentified animal source most likely beef or pork)


Maybe you need cinnamon and sugar to cover up the forking protein taste and want your cereal to be a different shape and not look like special K?


Mmmmm this Special K is made with real berries.


I don’t see a mention of real berries in this box but it is also chocolatey!


These are BOTH forking fruit and yogurt. I didn’t read the fine print to see how they differ.


Cinnamon Pecan Special K does sound tasty.


Some sort of brown little nuggets in that bowl that forking look like rabbit turds called Chocolatey Delight!


Oats and Honey are good for when you feel like eating like a forking horse.


Chocolate Almond for those times you feel like a nut with a little chocolate.


Vanilla Almond sounds good unless you find out that the vitamin D3 in it is made from forking sheep’s wool! BAHHHHHHH Bah!


Special “K” isn’t so special because there’s more than one variety now.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


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