Some of My Food Pictures of my food are more popular than my Forking Blog


I took this picture of the forking breakfast I prepared for my husband and put it up on twitter today. All of a sudden a bunch of foodies from all over were favoriting and retweeting my photo.

In just a matter of only a couple minutes this photo was retweeted to OVER a FORKING @#$%^&*()_ TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND people. So I thought it was worthy to post on my blog.

Last year my most popular photo on twitter was theĀ one of my signature pizza with heirloom tomatoes.


Not sure but somewhere around fifty five thousand people got this photo retweeted to them. Even Chef Emeril Lagasse favorited some of my pictures and favorited my forking pizza twice.


My food photos of my food are more popular than my Forking Blog.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth




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