The FORKING TRUTH is that YOU’VE Been eating Sheep’s Wool (bah..)


The FORKING TRUTH is that you’ve eaten sheep’s wool most of your life without even knowing it.


This is Forked Up!

This is Forked Up!

Many packaged cereals and other products have vitamin D3 added.

Vitamin D3 is extracted from lanolin from sheep’s wool.

A material called cholesterol is extracted from wool grease and then other materials are extracted from the cleaned wool and then those materials go threw a four step process that includes radiation. So in my words it sounds like forking wool dirt and forking wool juice somehow forking turn into forking vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is used as a rodenticide. Well they don’t forking call it vitamin D3 they use it’s forking chemical name but I’m calling it vitamin D3 because that IS WHAT it is and I can’t forking pronounce the chemical name cholecalciferol.


Vitamin D3 is also a HAZARD to DOGS and CATS and can cause renal failure to them and to other creatures.

Is vitamin D3 good for us? I don’t forking know.

I found out it’s in many Kellogg’s Foods.

Kellogg’s and Wikipedia are my references.

The Forking Truth is that you’ve been eating Sheep’s Wool. BAH baHhh

Forking Truth

Forking Truth

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