Rocket Burger Phoenix AZ It’s A Forking Blast!

Rocket Burger and Subs Phoenix AZ

Rocket Burger and Subs Phoenix AZ

I’ve been here before but not in a forking while. I was reminded of Rocket Burger while watching the PBS TV Show about local eateries called Check Please Arizona. This is an extremely casual eatery where you order at the counter and seat your forking self. This place isn’t fancy so don’t forking expect to see any forking linen napkins.

Rocket burger is well known for burgers, sandwiches, beef hot dogs, sub sandwiches, soft serve ice cream and a forking wall of assorted bottled sodas. They had so many sodas I don’t know what I forking saw. The Portions are forking HUGH and the prices aren’t much more than fast food but the food your receive is FORKING much better than fast food.


So I forking made it back to Rocket Burger and ordered my first burger and ordered the Popular New York Burger platter.


This was forking much larger and better tasting than I was expecting. The rolls were carefully toasted and the 100% Angus Burgers were cooked a perfect medium to my liking. The pastrami on top of my burger was much tastier than most pastrami you get anywhere and was actually grilled nice and tasty. The house made coleslaw with rocket sauce was delicious. Even the fries were very good. They tasted like real potatoes!


After a few bites I was almost forking full. At this point I lose the bun and go and get a fork. Bag up half the burger left for my dogs and pick at the rest of the filling.

My husband had a double bacon cheese burger platter. Each platter  we ordered was a double patty sandwich with a side of fries or onion rings and a bottled soda.


He said his burger was great and we should forking come here more often.


He got all these corn meal crusted onion rings with his burger! I would like to try the soft serve ice cream but I doubt I’ll ever have the forking room in my stomach after eating here.

We had a BLAST! at Rocket Burger!



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