Forking Pickled Kale Stems


I didn’t forking know that people pickle kale stems until I watched Celebrity Chef Richard Blais at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival in Scottsdale AZ. He mentioned that Chefs do things like pickle kale stems.

Chef Richard Blais in Scottsdale AZ Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Chef Richard Blais in Scottsdale AZ Chipotle Cultivate Festival

Richard Blais specializes in innovative American Cuisine. He made a forking oyster po boy sandwich with not real oysters but used chicken oysters and he also made boudin sausage but not with regular casing he used a forking squid and stuffed that. So while he was forking chatting about Star Wars he gave a helpful hint and suggested to use the stems from kale and make pickles out of them so I thought I’d give it a try. I got this forking wild idea that ginger lemon mint pickles would taste good. Honestly it did taste good on the carrot sticks. But that’s about it so I’m not pushing pickling kale stems. I did boil them a couple minutes as Chef Blais suggested before pickling but I don’t think they are worth it because the kale stems came out just like celery. After boiling the stems they still had that stringy thing like celery. You can peal celery but you can’t peal a kale stem so I forking prefer celery to kale stems. I only liked the way the carrots came out. I sure Chef Blais did kale stems FORKING better or just had forking better kale stems.


I’m not going to forking pickle kale stems again.

Forking Good!

Forking Truth


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