Cupcakes Forking Suck to Me Now


Over the past few years I got suckered into trying a few of the Food Network Cupcake War’s Winner’s Cupcakes in various places I’ve been. When I come across one I can’t help it I just want to know what a winning cupcake is like.


Oddly none of them looked or tasted like what I was expecting. Instead of something sweet, natural tasting with a normal cake-like texture, I got almost a forking wet and spongy texture with a artificial like flavor…just like from a forking boxed mix.

I don’t eat cupcakes too often but I did eat quite a few during my childhood. Back then you ate many of them from classmates birthdays and also every neighborhood had a bakery with cupcakes and if you were lucky you got to eat a few. The cupcakes also usually had fun little ornaments on top of them. Like a fun cat head, heart, football, turkey or a little flag. Usually they were always vanilla flavored but always tasted like a moist birthday cake to me. I don’t mind other flavors and I can get by without the cupcake ornament. I just can’t stand that fake texture spongy wet sponge texture that sucks out all the joy in my mouth and pollutes my childhood memory. These days the cupcakes are extra large too with a mountain of frosting. I just wished these cupcakes tasted better. This last one I tasted was unnatural tasting and made my heart sink and also makes me wonder how the fork could I have chewed this mass of yuck up.  I can’t help to wonder how the fork this can this be a winning cupcake?. The icing wasn’t even sweet and just seem like forking whipped fat with a disappointing amount of chocolate in it to me.

That doesn’t mean all the forking cupcakes in the world suck. Just the ones I tried over the past few years.

Cupcakes really Forking Suck to me now.

Forking Truth

Forking Truth


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