Some Food I Forking Saw at the Asian Market This Week


Korean melons taste like honeydews  but are more crunchy.  I don’t know what the Fork these Ginkeo are? I also forking googled ginkeo and got forking nothing.


I forking never heard of acorn starch….Did You?…..I know forking pigs that only eat acorns produce pork that goes for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ a pound so maybe adding some acorn starch to your pork can make it taste like the good stuff.


I don’t know what the fork this is but I thought it looked forking cool.


I’m not a big fan of licorice but if you like it here it is.


I don’t forking know what these fish chips are but I thought they looked cute. Maybe these chips or crackers are forking fish flavored?


I’ve had White Fungus Twice…..Once it was good and the other time  it sucked so much I thought I’d never eat it again. They also had Black Fungus.


Harissa from Morocco it’s spicy pepper sauce.


Saffron Rock Candy maybe you can forking add it to your rye whiskey and have a saffron rock and rye?


I just don’t know what the fork I’ll see next!

Forking Truth!

Forking Truth!



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