Too Forking Hot in Phoenix AZ to Purchase Lindt Chocolate Truffles


I’ve had lots of Lindt Truffles before. A few of the malls that I used to shop at had Lindt Chocolate Stores. The outlet mall had a Forking large Lindt Outlet Store where you could purchase large bags of slightly irregular Chocolates for almost nothing and they always gave you a free chocolate with or without a forking purchase. Them were the days well that was back east were you could buy these chocolates all year long without them forking melting.

I was pretty excited to see this the flavor Milk Chocolate Sea Salt featured. So I purchase a bag and a few days later I decided to forking  eat one.



I noticed the chocolate didn’t have that perfect chocolate plug and looked wet. So I carefully took a bite.



It still taste good with a great melty smooth milk chocolate flavor and a few lumps of crunchy sea salt.

But it’s FORKING MELTED! Instead of that creamy smooth filling the truffles are suppose to have.

I didn’t expose the chocolates to much heat. Only from my forking grocery cart on the way to my car they were exposed to heat and at this time it isn’t even forking hot yet for Phoenix.  It’s already too Forking Hot in Phoenix Arizona to purchase Lindt Chocolate Truffles.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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