Larry The Cable Guy’s TATER SALAD Tater Chips R Forking Good!



I forking crack up a little bit almost every time I see Larry the Cable Guy Food all around at places I go. His name is on all kinds of boxed mixes, spice rubs, candies, a whole line of potato chips and I have no idea what else. Larry the Cable Guy is a multiplatinum recording artist, billboard award winner and a well known comedian.

When you purchase Larry TCG Potato Chips you are contributing to his non-profit Git-R-Done Foundation that Larry and his wife established. Every LTCG Food Purchase supports assistance to mostly veterans and children who have experienced hardship beyond their control.


I finally broke down and had to try the Tater Salad Tater Chips. Honestly they might be the most realistic tasting flavored chip I ever tasted. THEY FORKING DO taste just like potato salad. You can taste all the ingredients of potato salad. You can taste potatoes, celery, mustard, vinegar, onions salt and pepper but are slightly sweet. The chips are smaller than most other brands, are thin and do have a light delicate texture. The only thing strange about them is the flavor dust they have on them. It’s almost like freeze dried potato salad coats the chips. Honestly these LTCG “Tater Salad” Tater Chips are better tasting at being potato salad than the last potato salad I tried out at a restaurant.


I can’t forking tell you if the other LTCG Chips or products are good but I can say the Tater Salad Tater Chips are Forking Good!

 The Forking Truth!

The Forking Truth!


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