WTFork is Broasted Chicken?

Broasted Chicken and Broasted Potatoes from Guido's Restaurant Scottsdale AZ

Broasted Chicken and Broasted Potatoes from Guido’s Restaurant Scottsdale AZ

Broasted is a cooking process trademarked by the Broaster Company. The broaster is a pressure fryer made for restaurant use. To make broasted chicken first the chicken is marinaded, then battered. The broasting process is suppose to make a juicier chicken with a crisp exterior. It’s suppose to lighter and healthier than deep frying.

This was the first time I tried broasted chicken. The restaurant I went to said they specialized in broasted chicken so I thought I’d give it a forking try.

The white meat was  very forking dry inside and lacked flavor of any kind. It was like forking chewing hay. But hay would have more flavor. Oddly the chicken got dryer and dryer as it sat on my plate. At this moment I wished I ordered something different.  I also wished I was in a different forking restaurant with better food. The exterior sort of flaked off and I think it was just plain flour and it seemed to lack any forking seasoning. I saved some for my dogs and they ate it but they didn’t wag their tails like they normally do when eating chicken.

the "GIVE me CHICKEN" face

“that chicken was FORKING DRY” “WTFork did you give me?”

That chicken was so bad it forking disappointed my dogs.

The potatoes faired better. They seemed light and fluffy inside but the thin crisp flour on the outside of the potatoes kept falling off. I should also mention to be fair my husband’s Hot house made sausage sandwich was good but slightly over cooked and had good but slightly dry sausage in it with nicely prepared peppers. He thought it was tasty.

The broasted chicken I tried is not forking typical of what broasted chicken is suppose to be. Also it might not be the typical that this restaurant always forking destroys broasted chicken. It’s a possibility that the regular cook was off and nobody marinated the chicken leaving the untrained dishwasher to do the best of his ability or at least that is what it forking seemed like. I note I don’t know WTFork they did to the broasted chicken.

 The Forking Truth!

The Forking Truth!

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