Pickled Fried Rutabagas, Beets with Scallions, Blue Cheese and Walnuts



What inspired me to come up with this dish was rutabagas that were unusually strong in flavor with an extra fiber texture. I tried to use them anyway and I decided I needed to infuse sweetness cut with some vinegar with beet essence.

I roasted up a few beets with rutabagas in a covered pan with a little water, sugar, and rice wine vinegar till they were fork tender. Around an hour.

Then I fried the rutabagas, beets and scallions in a combination of butter and canola oil till they were slightly crisp. I sprinkled the hot vegetables with fresh ground sea salt and pepper.


To serve I slice the rutabagas and beets in slices. I topped them with the fried scallions, blue cheese, heated walnuts and some shredded pepper.


Adding sweetness with beets to the rutabagas and the strong blue cheese mellowed the rutabagas in a way where they became edible and more beet like. This was the perfect flavor combination for this dish.  The scallions got slightly candied from the sugar coming out in the fry pan from the root vegetables.

 The Forking Truth!

The Forking Truth!

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