Some Forking Truth about Lunch Meat


Lunch meat is that easy to use already prepared food product that is sliced and ready to go in-between bread with all kinds of toppings to make an easy, quick, tasty sandwich. But here is some Forking Truth about lunch meat that you might not think about.

When you go to the deli counter at your local grocery store they offer three different kinds of lunch meat for you to purchase.

The most expensive deli meats are called “whole cuts”. They are what they sound like. They are flavored whole pieces of meat. They might be roast beef, corned beef, or turkey breast.


Other meats are called “sectioned and formed products”. They are bonded sections of meat that are formed together with forking meat glue made from non-meat additives. Some examples are cooked ham or multi part turkey breast. These meats are formed into a shape that looks like it could have came that way to fool you.


Lastly are processed products. They are bologna, other meats and hotdogs.

Processed meats are chopped, seasoned, and formed into shape with forking weird technology.

Most lunch meats contain nitrates and nitrates have been linked to certain forms of cancer. Lunch meat manufactures add the nitrates to keep the meat fresh for long periods of time.

That was some Forking Truth about lunch meat.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



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