What the Fork The Wicked Spoon Buffet in Las Vegas was like


I forking read in the Phoenix New Times that the Wicked Spoon Buffet was the favorite of the buffets in Vegas so after my plans failed for another restaurant we decided to try the Wicked Buffet at the Cosmopolitan for lunch.


The line wasn’t bad and we only had to wait 15-20 minutes to get in and pay somewhere around $27.00 each plus tax and tip.

They offered at least 6 serving stations.

The first station had mostly cold salads, smoked salmon breads and cheeses mostly in little bowls that were individual servings.


The next station offered pancakes and hot breakfast items.


Followed by a station of bacon, sausage, tandoori chicken, corn salad and cheesy potatoes.

The next station offered some individual lamb lasagnas and a few other items that seemed sort of Italian.

Next was the line of pizzas.


Followed by a line of forking dry looking salmon.


Then they had a small Asian Style Buffet with several offerings.

Lastly was a very large display of dazzling looking desserts and frozen confections.

I took a total of three plates.

Plate #1 was my favorite plate everything on this plate was very good — good.


The smoked salmon was very good, The beet salad was a little dried out but tasted good. I picked up two chunks of cheese that were tasty and a individual pot of mac-n-cheese that was a little dry on the top but tasted good.

Plate #2


Plate #2 looks good but there wasn’t much I could eat here as this is what my plate looked like when I was done.


The The noodles with vegetables were tasty but the Asian Chicken in the individual pan was very dry and chewy over hard rice. The Tandoori Chicken can be delicious as it usually is marinated and then seasoned and spiced with lemon, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, cayenne, cardamon and cloves but the tandoori here was absolutely next to flavorless so I dipped it into the kimchee bone marrow to eat.

Tandoori Chicken?

Tandoori Chicken?

In the upper left hand corner on my plate is kung pao chicken. It sure had some POW as it was spicy but lacked the kung Asian Flavor and had dry chewy chicken in it. The sushi was typical of supermarket sushi that means not forking good. I have no idea why the fork I took that sushi.


Then I went off to the desserts

Wicked Spoon Buffet Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Wicked Spoon Buffet Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

All the desserts really looked amazing. The first one I went to try was the strawberry. It was dipped in chocolate that either was cheap or not tempered right. It was very hard in a bad way and way too thick. It didn’t taste right to me. It was kind of bitter, not sweet and not smooth. It didn’t taste like good chocolate. Then I went to try the cone shape thing. Same weird chocolate it just wasn’t right. The little tarts and the cheese cake are so pretty and detailed. I give them 2.5 stars out of five because they were ok like middle of the road desserts. You could eat them but if you miss them it’s no big deal. The one dessert that was really good was the tiny lime cream puff. It was masterfully made and was a perfect tiny pastry with the right tang, sweetness and flavor that made it delicious.

If I was able to start all over again I just would have taken more of my first plate and only lime cream puffs for dessert.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

Not Rated……….It is what it is…….

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