To me Lay’s Laid a Forking Egg with the West Coast Truffle Fries and the New York Reuben Potato Chips

Fresh Truffle Risotto from DP Brasserie at the Venetian Las Vegas NV

Fresh Truffle Risotto from DP Brasserie at the Venetian Las Vegas NV

I Forking LOVE truffles so I had to try out the New Lay’s West Coast Truffle Fries Potato Chips that is one of the four runners up in the 2015 Million dollar Lay’s do us a Flavor Contest.


I know that there is a whole of truffle aroma (perfume) out there and thought Lay’s could make a truffle laced potato chip since Lay’s makes Creamy Forest Mushroom Potato Chips that are very natural tasting. When you open the bag the West Coast Truffle Fries Flavored Chips gives off a forking weird odor sort of like a FORKING wet dog. (peeeeeeeeeee ewwwwww)

I tasted a few of these West Coast Truffle Fries chips and while they aren’t awful because they are slightly cheese with some herb note flavor…….. the chips do lack truffle and are not awful but disappointing because you want to taste truffle. Oddly unlike most potato chips these look nice with the nice thin waves with green flecks but these chips are also much oilier and are very fatty feeling in the hand and mouth. When I looked at the ingredients…I saw that these potato chips actually do contain duck fat, chicken fat and trace amounts of black truffle. The cheese flavor and herb flavors in these chips overwhelms any truffle that might be in them.

I also picked up a forking bag of Lay’s New York Reuben Potato Chips because Reuben sandwiches taste good. I was hoping these chips would forking surprise me and be delicious!


When I opened to bag to smell them they sort of smelled like rye bread.

I gave my husband some to try and he said, (but not in these words) “What are these?….Forking Barbecued Flavored.” (LOL)

I can taste something that resembles burnt rye bread in the New York Reuben Potato Chips. The rest is a mix of salt, sweet and some flavors that can’t be defined but taste like they are mixed with margarine and squirt cheese from a can. These chips make my mouth feel greasy. Well I guess some forking reubens might taste like that. These chips also leave a very unappetizing aroma on my hands that smells like forking foot odor. These chips leave your forking hands and maybe breath smelling like forking stinky feet.

Not Worth a FORK!

Not Worth a FORK!

Good luck trying the Lay’s Chicken and Biscuit Flavor and the Lay’s Gyro Flavored Potato Chips!

I can’t forking do it! (LMAO) I’ve been threw enough!

To me Lay’s laid a Forking egg with the West Coast Truffle Fries and the New York Reuben Potato Chips.

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



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