Bink’s Scottsdale AZ is Worth a FORK! (update…..Now Closed for Business)

Bink’s Scottsdale is an American Contemporary Restaurant that offers many innovative small plates tapas style. Bink’s Scottsdale is a more casual and more affordable sister restaurant of Binkley’s one of the most high end and cutting edge restaurants in Arizona.  Most of the plates at Bink’s Scottsdale are imaginative and masterfully prepared featuring seasonal delights. Sometimes molecular gastronomy is used. I’ve always enjoyed every meal I had at Bink’s Scottsdale.


I started with a small kale salad. The salad might look ordinary but it wasn’t. It was filled with curried couscous, pickled onions, cheve cheese, almonds and red wine cherries. The combination of textures and flavors was downright forking good. The pickled onions cut the rich creamy cheese. The almonds accented the kale and the wine cherries were delicious. But the star of the salad was the curried couscous. Who knew that flavor would just bounce against everything and be so interesting and wonderful. It was a little spicy but not too spicy. The cheese cooled it down It was just FORKING delicious!

My husband started with the seared gnocchi with a duck egg.


The gnocchi were tender and light. This dish came with a soup like sauce that was parmesan and mushroom flavored with roasted mushrooms. The egg added more richness to this dish.

For my main dish I had the Moroccan Fried Chicken.


My God this was forking awesome! It had this amazing crisp but light crust that shattered. It had many flavors that were a joy to eat.  A chili honey was the perfect accent to all these flavors. Under the superb crust was a very developed with flavors moist chicken. The cold lemony herbed potato salad went well with the chicken. The portion was larger than I could eat and I happily took enough home for two lunches. This Moroccan Fried Chicken was FORKING DELICIOUS!

For our vegetable we shared the fried brussels sprouts.


The brussels sprouts were fried till they were sweet and caramelized. Other vegetables were accents like carrots, daikon and scallions. What made this dish extraordinary was the kimchee vinaigrette. It was spicy and delicious. It was similar tasting to  sriracha but was smooth with more flavors going on and was better tasting than sriracha. These brussels sprouts were FORKING DELICIOUS!

My husband had the Five Spice Duck Breast with grilled grapes and port Vinaigrette.


He forking enjoyed it. He just kept saying this duck is really good!

We shared a fun dessert that was less complex than Bink’s normally serves but still was fun.


It was called Brown Butter Blueberry Tart with Freezing Ginger Cream. They whipped out the liquid nitrogen over the cream and then the cream made a big smoke  poof and it suddenly freezes. We had a forking enjoyable dinner and service was efficient and friendly too.

Worth a Fork! You'll drive across town to dine here.

Worth a Fork! You’ll drive across town to dine here. (update now closed for business)

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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