Forking Easy Microwave Carrot Chips Recipe


To make the forking easy microwave carrot chips you start by slicing your carrot on the thin side.


Blot them dry with a towel.


Microwave them for about 3 minutes.


They should be sort of soggy now and your plate will be wet.


Remove the carrots from the wet plate and blot the carrots again.


Clean your plate off and apply a small amount of nonstick spray and blot up the extra spray you want a dry kind of coating.

Put the carrots back on your plate and microwave 2 minutes.


Remove the chips that are done and put back the chips that need a little more time. You might only need a minute or less depending on your microwave oven and your plate that you used.

Apply fresh ground sea salt or sugar with cinnamon and serve.



It's good and that's The Forking Truth

It’s good and that’s The Forking Truth


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