MORE Weird different and Forking NEW Food out There



I just never know wtfork I’ll see when I hit the grocery store. They always have something new, different and usually something FORKING weird. This is just some of what I’ve seen lately.

All sorts of Oreos are out there. Watermelon, punch flavored, lemon, birthday cake, mini cookies, double stuffed cookies and many more. Now we forking can purchase thin ones in forking original flavor.


Also forking thin mint.


And even forking thin vanilla.


I don’t know WTFork this Oreo monstrosity is. It looks like a forking cookie surrounded by cream on both sides with chocolate bars as the sandwich?


You don’t see German Carp all the time. The meat looks red like forking beef.


Forking Pop Corn that’s mango habanero salsa flavored and sweet fiesta lime flavored.


A pie is crust with a filling. English muffins aren’t forking pie! How the fork do they come up with apple pie muffins ?


Bloody Mary pickles sound like fun but they are not because these pickles are forking virgins. I checked the forking label.


Spicy maple bourbon pickles lack bourbon so they aren’t fun either.


Lychee Chocolate. ¬†Ummmmmm I was going to try this but it was too forking ¬†hot to leave chocolate in the forking car since it was over 100 forking degrees here so I couldn’t forking buy it.


Cake Boss Cream Cheese Frosting. (why the Fork is it called creme de cream cheese? Buddy isn’t French and doesn’t have a French Bakery)


Some sort of yoo-hoo milk chocolate flavored candy. Looks like the stuff that just sticks to your forking teeth. Good for Halloween. Let the kiddies enjoy. It might take out some forking dental work in someone.


Not just Cheese Burger and Chicken Taco flavored but they throw in the forking Food Truck Flavored so you get that essence of roach coach mixed in with exhaust from the truck.

This next one almost made me forking pee in the store. Because those Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers used to be so classic. They used to be Cheddar, some other Cheese flavored and pretzel. Now they turned to forking crap like everything else.


Goldfish crackers in three different forking flavors ketchup, cheddar and forking burger flavored. I could just see someone like this……


Putting the three forking flavors together to try to taste a forking cheese burger.

I just don’t know what the fork I’ll see next.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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