New Weird and Different Food out THERE



There is always something new, forking weird or different at the store and this is what I’ve seen lately.

Always a new forking Oreo lurking around every forking corner of the supermarket. This new flavor should be forking named stale marshmallow after all isn’t that what a forking crispy marshmallow is?


I purchased the pecan pie M&M’s. They are forking weird. They smell sort of like pecan pie and are too sweet like the forking goo from a pecan pie. This candy needs a piece of salty pecan or pie crust in it to taste right. Also the chocolate flavor is watered down by the fake sweet pecan pie flavor. This candy almost taste good but not really and then leaves a weird unnatural aftertaste. yuk…


Roasted salted crispy tomatoes. These are darn tasty!


Roasted and salted crispy eggplant is delicious too but they look like Filipino eggplant because of the green skin. These are forking tasty too!


Girl Scout Cookie Coffee mate..forking weird….


Mint mixed with coffee make me want to barf!


A chocolate cheesecake with hazelnuts does sound delicious but what the fork is this goo in a jar?


Snickers aren’t new they’ve been around forever but WTFork is going on with the packaging and WTFork does Loopy mean?

IMG_9508 IMG_9509 IMG_9510

Almost everyone hates candy corn. Go make people forking cry when you offer them candy corn in peanut butter cup, apple pie and caramel apple flavors.


Here’s a cake that looks like a BIG FORKING candy corn.


There is a forking lot of calories in that tub of mayonnaise so much so that the container has a forking gut.


Turkey and vegetables seem sort of forking weird in a ravioli….but it’s for babies that don’t have a say in what they get fed so screw them.


Star Wars macaroni and cheese with Yoda on the box.

“A Jedi craves NOT these things.”


Forking Martha Stewart Toasted Coconut and Sea Salt Triscuits…. Excuse me……

I just never forking know what I’ll see next!

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



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