Does Fecal Matter to You in your Burger ? The Forking Truth

That's FORKED Up!

That’s FORKED Up!

I read on that Consumer Reports tested 300 packages of ground beef in 26 cities and reported that EVERY FORKING SAMPLE had FECAL MATTER in it. Channel 3 AZFamily  reported the same news as 450 pounds of ground beef from one hundred stores across the country all containing forking fecal contamination.

A little POOP with your forking burger

A little POOP with your forking burger

I guess all of us that eat burgers…….

Ingo's Tasty Food Phoenix AZ

Ingo’s Tasty Food Phoenix AZ

meatloaf, tacos and meatballs are full of sh*t sometimes from forking fecal matter.

Does Fecal Matter….to you…. in your burger?

 The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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