WTFork is a Kiwano Fruit ?



The Kiwano is a horned melon and is also called blowfish melon. It is native to sub-saharan Africa but is also grown in California, Mississippi, Chili, Australia and New Zealand. The fruit has green jelly like flesh with seeds that may be undeveloped or maybe hard. Some people cut the fruit threw the middle and suck out the insides.  You can also cut it long ways and use a spoon as pictured.

East to West Cut

It taste like a mixture of cucumbers, kiwi, bananas and citrus all mixed together. The peal is also edible but some people dry the peel with paper towels and use the dried peal as a decorative object.

I read that adding sugar brings out the flavors so I added some. It’s light and refreshing. The sugar really intensifies the flavors.


It scraps out almost like a citrus. It doesn’t seem melon like at all to me. The skin smells just like kumquat.


This is an unpopular but tasty fruit because it is very expensive for it’s size. Depending on where you shop this 6 inch fruit sells for $3.99 up each.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth


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