FORKING DELICIOUS Baked Fluffy Crispy Cheesy Potato Crisps


Forking DELICIOUS Baked Fluffy Crispy Potato Fries

Forking DELICIOUS Baked Fluffy Crispy Cheesy Potato Crisps

These Baked Potato Crisps come out oh so very forking fluffy, crispy and full of delicious flavors because you infuse the water that boils the potatoes with scallions and a single hot banana pepper. I do note banana peppers sold in my area of Arizona are very hot unlike the mild ones grown back east. Banana peppers have a unique flavor so I can’t recommend a substitute. So PLEASE use a forking banana pepper. You basically boil the potatoes till fork tender, mash them by hand, add a few ingredients and pipe them out. DON’T FORKING USE A ZIP LOCK OR SANDWICH BAG like they tell you to do on all the cooking TV shows. That will only turn out to be a BIG FORKING UGLY MESS. Potatoes aren’t the softest thing to pipe threw a bag so you need to use a real bag. I like the strong plastic disposable bags. They are very cheap, very strong and sanitary. Real pastry bags are hard to clean and do burst open after a while. The plastic disposable are the best!

Ingredients should make 8 servings (but these are so forking tasty everyone might forking woof down double)

2 lbs. potatoes – pealed and cut in half (about 7 small/medium sized potatoes)

1 hot banana pepper-washed

4 scallions – washed

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

Ice water enough to cover your potatoes very well

1 cup shredded cheese – combination of mozzarella, provolone, sharp provolone and parmesan (my leftover pizza blend kept in freezer it was made of, 1.5 lb. mozzarella, 1 lb. provolone, 8 oz. sharp provolone this is delicious for all pizzas and certain pasta dishes) this batch I did throw in about a cup of parmesan to the cheese blend.

2 oz. butter (cut in slices)

1 pinch white ground pepper

fresh ground sea salt

fresh ground black pepper


Fill your large sauce pot a little over half way with ice water and your kosher salt. Add the potatoes, scallions and banana pepper and bring to boil and then lower to medium. Let the pot go till potatoes are fork tender.


*NOTE- you might want to keep the water for soup because it has delicious flavors and you can build many things with this base. (a few vegetables, some noodles, rice or potatoes, whatever you want)

Next drain the potato liquid (keep or throw out) either way toss out the banana pepper and the scallions. Put the potatoes back in the sauce pot with the butter and mash with potato masher. Add cheese and white pepper and mash till smooth. At this point the potatoes are so delicious …..just keep going and you will be rewarded with awesome fluffy crispy delicious cheesy potato crisps.


Get two baking sheets and put a layer of parchment paper to them and set your oven to 350 degrees.

Get your #6 pasty tip and fit it into your disposable pastry bag by cutting off the end and fill around half way with the potato mixture.


Twist the bag’s end so it holds in the mixture.


Now squirt out the mixture in about 2 1/5 inch pieces till done.


Bake till crispy (about a half hour) Hit them with fresh ground sea salt and black pepper


They are FORKING DELICIOUS as is no sauce is needed. This recipe is a winner everyone will love these. Comments I got were..”.Ummmmmmmmmmmmm” and “I could eat 800 of these”

THESE ARE FORKING DELICIOUS and That is The Forking Truth

THESE ARE FORKING DELICIOUS and That is The Forking Truth

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