The House Brasserie in Old Town Scottsdale is Worth a Fork!


This is a small converted old house with a large patio. The interior is a bit dark and filled with lots of wait staff and candles and mirrors. It’s kind of looks like the dark side of shabby chic.  The cuisine is a Modern American mixed with  international and created using French Techniques.

This restaurant offered an interesting inviting menu for restaurant week so I thought I’d give them a forking try. The Paper read that they were offering three courses and an amuse bouche for $45.00 a person.

We came and were seated quickly. I had to use a forking light to read the menu as it was painfully hard to read at my seat but I do note my husband had more light on the other side of the table. No mention of restaurant week was given by our waitress and I had to ask if they were serving restaurant week items. I felt weird asking about restaurant week but was given restaurant week menus quickly and ordered off the restaurant week menu.

They started us off with an amuse bouche.


Little corn breads topped with pickled mushroom and fresno chili. These were delicious! I could have forking ate a bunch of these.

Then I was surprised to receive a second amuse bouche.


Tiny perfect crepes wrapped around a piece of ham topped with San Marzano Tomatoes and fennel frowns.

My first course was …….


Malted Rice, scallions, mushroom dashi, garlic and furikake. It was delicious. I got to eat something great and different that was unique and delicious. It was really good.

My husband ordered the other first course I was thinking of trying.


Charcoal roasted beet with brussels, fava beans and caraway yogurt. This dish was also good but not as tasty as the malted rice. We switched plates halfway. I liked the beets with the caraway yogurt. They went together well.

I was surprised to also receive a complimentary full size glass of wine for restaurant week! Cheers!

My main course was the Scottish Salmon,


The Salmon was absolutely perfect, fresh tasting and delicious. It was pretty much all a salmon could be. It was just as good as the salmon I had at Bouchon’s in Napa CA. It tasted the same. The cauliflower, whole grain and dill complimented the salmon and didn’t over power the tender rich fish. Another high light was those amazing horseradish pickles. They might have been the best pickles I ever tasted. They were multi dimensional with flavors. I wish I could have purchased a jar of those pickles.

My husband had the Pork Collar.


It was basically pork over grits. My husband kept saying this is really REALLY good.

Then came two plates of dessert.


Little fluffy light greaseless donuts, each with a different filling. The first one was mild and honey like, the second one seemed like grapefruit with poppy seeds and the third one was spiced chocolate.

Then we ate the Roasted Apple Pain Perdu.


It was a fancy French Toast with melted camembert cheese and drizzled with a cider caramel. This dessert was great. I loved the play between savory and sweet. It was perfect. Delicious, light texture, buttery and tasty.

Dinner was lovely.

It was Worth a Fork!

Worth a Fork! You might drive some distance to dine here.

Worth a Fork! You might drive some distance to dine here.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth

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