The Forking Truth might be that Not All Aluminum Foil Is Vegetarian


I noticed something strange on my aluminum pan. It was a kosher mark.


I thought why the FORK would aluminum need to be marked kosher so I did a little forking digging. I did find out some kind of oil is used in the manufacturing process of aluminum foil. I found that my pans are made with mineral oil. I called Reynolds and the person I spoke to had no forking idea of what kind of oil they use but their foil is also marked kosher.


This one I have my doubts and find it hard to believe that aluminum foil might not be vegetarian. But then again why the fork would the foil need to be marked kosher? Do some foil manufacturers use lard? Whale grease? Forking Beaver grease?

But according to many sites on the web such as….

The above sites all post that bull’s intestines are used in the aluminum manufacturing process.

Indian Airlines at some point discovered the sweets they sold were wrapped in foil that was manufactured with bull’s intestines and immediacy stopped selling foil wrapped desserts on planes. (This is according to the above sites)

I never would have forking dreamed that any foil manufacturer would use an animal product in the production of aluminum foil. But since some foils are marked U maybe there is more to learn.

It’s FORKING POSSIBLE that your foil might not be Vegetarian.

The Forking Truth

The Forking Truth



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